Thursday, May 9, 2024

Uru Okabe's Good Night World End Prequel Manga Ends on May 21

Shogakukan's Manga ONE app revealed on Tuesday that Uru Okabe's Good Night World End prequel manga will end in its 20th chapter on May 21.

The manga's story centers on the latest game "Planet," where players can freely control their avatar in the Metaverse. Rei, a boy neglected at home, and Liz, a young girl who longs to be an adult enter the game. Rei and Liz gets connected by a boy named Yoshino. Not having a place to belong to in the real world, they become addicted playing the game and create a temporary bond. Until the worst incident happens.

Okabe launched the prequel manga on Shogakukan's Manga ONE and Ura Sunday services on August 1. Shogakukan published the manga's first compiled book volume on October 12, and the second volume on March 19.

Okabe launched the Good Night World manga on Shogakukan's Ura Sunday service in 2016, and the manga ended in its fifth and final volume in March 2017.

The manga's anime adaptation premiered worldwide on Netflix on October 12.

Source: Manga ONE

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